Printing Special Photos

We were struck by how many relatives sent us pictures when we asked for them. It was our parent’s 60th anniversary. We were putting together a book to give them filled with pictures. The party was set for the following afternoon. Suddenly we get a bulk delivery of some amazing pictures that were found in an old chest. We had never seen them before. They were of our parents as children. They had grown up together but this was the lost pics we had heard about for years. We were thrilled there were places such as overnight prints at When you need something printed really fast it is great to know there are sources out there. The party was so much fun and our parents loved it. They were moved to tears when they saw we had the lost pics as was everyone else.

The Perfect Shirt

We were out shopping one afternoon when I noticed a guy with a Warcraft shirt on. I had seen some of the different gaming shirts around town but this one was a Warcraft shirt. Being a huge Warcraft fan I approached him only to have him meet me with a smile and telling me that his brother had given it to him for Christmas and he did not know where he had gotten it. The really cool part is he said many people have asked him about his shirt. I loved the idea there are so many WWC fans out there so close!

Being Covered

You only have to get sick once to see how fast medical bills can add up. Many people are finding they no longer have insurance because of the many changing insurance rules. For that reason there are many people that have found health insurance in greensboro by looking online. You can find the insurance companies that offer the different coverages and find the plans that best work for your needs. Just having the flu can run up in the hundreds if you do not have the right health insurance. It is always good to be proactive when it comes to health insurance.

We do alot of Shopping Online

If you find yourself in need of something specific you can find it online. I do not have a lot of time to put into searching for something so we shop a lot online. I was in need of a pump one afternoon. I found the best site for industrial pumps and ordered just what we needed. I was then able get back to work so I would not lose my pace. When you have a busy company as ours is we can not afford to stop when we are in operation. Besides the convenience of everything we buy online it is exciting to see what all you can find that can make life easier!

The Scrolls Have Been Foretold!

The Elder Scrolls are finally back from the last game, Skyrim the 2011 Game of The Year, to unveil a new chapter in the Scrolls saga. For the first time ever players will be able to play and explore the world of The Elder Scrolls with friends in The Elder Scrolls online. The developers have stated that the attention to the details has not been compromised to compose this massive online world. Players can explore and build their characters just as they did in Skyrim. It is sure to be one of the best online games of this year!

Great Feedback

When you are on stage you want your guitar to be able to handle the music. When I heard about the schecter synyster gates custom s at guitar center I was impressed. The sustainiac driver which is located in the neck of the guitar gives such freedom to the guitarist. We already knew that this guitar was designed to give out some heavy tones. The vibrations that feedback are really what makes this guitar stand out for me. Besides the incredible sounds it is really cool to look at. The black background enhanced with the silver pinstripes shows up really well under the stage lighting.

A Birthday Surprise

My wife’s birthday falls so close to the holidays that it can be easily overlooked. For our birthdays she always makes it a day of appreciation for each of us. For her birthday I like to do something really special as well. This year I am looking at the bulova watches from They have a huge selection of really nice watches that would make her very happy. There is something so special about giving the gift of time. When you mix time with a beautiful piece of jewelry it is the perfect gift for my wife. She is going to be so surprised and that makes me happy.

Bands on the move

If you have been shopping for microphones and can not find what you need we found royer microphones at musicians friend. I enjoy shopping for equipment for our band even though it can be a huge expense in the beginning. We began with very different equipment than we have now. Through the years we have definitely upgraded. We see the things we need and we try to purchase the best equipment to not only give us the sounds we need but also to be dependable.Traveling a lot we need our equipment to take the abuse it gets. When we find something we like we tend to stick with it.